Dolphins / Warriors Affiliation Bolsters Moreton Bay NRL Bid


The Redcliffe Dolphins are leaving other southeast Queensland clubs in their wake, signing an international agreement that will see New Zealand’s up-and-coming talent playing in Moreton Bay.

Moreton Bay Region Mayor Peter Flannery said the trans-Tasman allegiance was a logical fit, and he hopes it will add international muscle to the Dolphins’ bid to become the next Brisbane-based NRL franchise

“Moreton Bay is already home to more than 21,000 passionate New Zealand-born residents, not including their extended family members who also live locally,” he said.


“This trailblazing affiliation between the Dolphins and the Warriors will strengthen our Kiwi ties and bring an influx of international visitors for training and competitions.

“The Warriors have already begun talking about playing games at our state-of-the-art stadium which, is currently undergoing further upgrades to host 10,000 fans.

“I’ll be meeting with the Warriors at Dolphin Stadium on Wednesday, to talk about getting their support behind our NRL licence bid.

“Everyone knows that Redcliffe is rugby league heartland with more than 5,200 locals playing the game across Moreton Bay.

“Not only are we the Intrust Super Cup’s most successful team, the Dolphins business acumen and financial position is the envy of all other clubs.

“I’m sure every town in Queensland will want this licence, but this decision must be made with the head not the heart.

“On every business and fiscal measure Redcliffe runs rings around all our rivals. Only Redcliffe will offer the financial and commercial opportunities that a team needs to stand on its own two feet, we can guarantee the NRL of that.

“No organisation can last 72 years without a proven track record of prudent financial management and stability as well as community backing – the Redcliffe Dolphins have got a range of revenue streams and many long-term business deals that set them apart from everyone else.

“Unlike many other teams in the NRL who have significant rental costs at their home stadiums, Dolphin Stadium is actually owned by the club.

“The Redcliffe Leagues Club also has a loyal membership base of more than 40,000 people, which is far more than some existing NRL clubs.

“Today’s announcement is further proof of the Dolphins’ ability to identify opportunities beyond the horizon and seize them, even at this difficult time.

“I can’t wait to see supporters on the day flying the Warriors colours here in Moreton Bay Region.”

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Welcoming Visitors Back To Moreton Bay


‘Welcome back to Moreton Bay’ is the message locals wish to send to South East Queensland.

The campaign to ‘bring them back’ has begun as local tourism returns to our social calendar after weeks and months of isolation.

Brisbane locals and all South East Queenslanders are being encouraged back to the Moreton Bay region, to help reignite the local economy, a message echoed by Brad Flynn from the Redcliffe Chamber Of Commerce, “Come out and have a day here at the markets, go for a walk around the foreshore and buy from the local businesses here”, said Brad on Channel7 news.

Watch the Channel7 news reel on kickstarting Moreton Bay Tourism

Moreton Bay Regional Council is undertaking a big campaign to get tourism moving again in the region.

Moreton Bay Regional Mayor, Peter Flannery said, “We have over a $1 billion dollar economy based on tourism and we’re looking at really slingshotting that economy as much as we can”.

The Redcliffe Farmers and Artisan Markets, are a great way for Brisbane locals to spend a sunny Sunday morning strolling the picturesque foreshore and enjoying breakfast while picking up some local produce.

Aside from being a great day trip, local artisans and market stall holders have suffered event and market cancellations in recent weeks and would really appreciate the support from the community.


Dog Parks, playgrounds and barbeque areas will be reopened this weekend, along with dine in cafes and restaurants, however social distancing rules will still apply.

Mayor Flannery emphasised the importance of continuing to follow the rules through the slow transition back to normality.

“After being cooped-up at home with the kids, I’m just as excited as everyone else to get back outside and enjoy our free public amenities,” he said.

“Our residents have been among the best in southeast Queensland at abiding by social distancing restrictions over the past few months, and it’s essential that we keep that up.

“We aren’t out of the woods yet which is why you’ll see ‘Your Safety is in Your Hands’ signs up at facilities like playgrounds, public barbeques and dog parks.

In Moreton Bay, we have so much to offer all South East Queenslanders, so be sure to put the Redcliffe Markets on your local adventure calendar!

Redcliffe Foreshore Markets


Redcliffe Jetty


Redcliffe Foreshore Walk


Queensland COVID19 restrictions will be eased in three stages, along with the rest of the country. Visit, for up to date information on the scheduled easing of Queensland restrictions.



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Unveiling The New Moreton Bay Regional Council


Majority Clearout At MBRC As New Council Takes Office

On Wednesday 22nd April our new Mayor and 12 Local Councillors officially took office with seven of the thirteen Council positions having new representation.    

The newly elected Mayor and Councillors could not meet as a group due to social distancing requirements.

Councillors took the Declaration of Office in front of CEO Greg Chemello, on a rotation spaced 15 minutes apart.

The new Moreton Bay Regional Council is:

(Newly elected representatives highlighted)

Mayor: Peter Flannery

Division 1: Brooke Savige

Division 2: Mark Booth

Division 3: Adam Hain

Division 4: Jodie Shipway

Division 5: Sandra Ruck

Division 6: Karl Winchester

Division 7: Denise Sims

Division 8: Mick Gillam

Division 9: Cath Tonks

Division 10: Matt Constance

Division 11: Darren Grimwade

Division 12: Tony Latter


“This is an important day for our region and I congratulate the councillors on being elected to lead our community at a time when leadership is needed most,” Mayor Flannery said.

“Having met with all our councillors to discuss their priorities and ideas for our region, I’m pleased that they are collectively focussed on the immediate need for financial support and economic recovery, as our region fights to come back from coronavirus.

“I’m very pleased to have six returning councillors bringing their experience back to the chamber, and six new councillors bringing fresh ideas with them.

“I’d particularly like to welcome our three new female Councillors – Jodie Shipway (Div 4), Sandra Ruck (Div 5) and Cath Tonks (Div 9) – increasing female representation in our team of 12 up to five alongside Brooke Savige (Div 1) and Denise Sims (Div 7).

“I also want to thank the community for putting their faith in me to lead through this uncertain time.

“When we started this campaign, we didn’t know we’d be hit with the global pandemic that is COVID-19. So, locals have certainly made the right choice in electing an experienced councillor and a safe set of hands. That’s critically important at an uncertain time like this.

“I promise locals that my door and the door of every councillor you have elected will always be open to people who have their hearts in this community and have ideas on how we can get through this challenging time together.”

“We may be living in uncertain times and no one knows what the world will look like on the other side, but between the experience of our returning councillors and the fresh ideas of our new councillors, I think we already have the foundations for success.

“My door will always be open to anyone who has ideas on how we can do things differently here in Moreton Bay Region.”

Mayor Flannery said that the community had to be at the heart of every economic, strategic, and stimulus decision they make in the Chamber and he has committed to leading an open and accountable Council that’s united in its focus on economic recovery.

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Best Of Local Moreton Bay – April 2020


 Online Viewer

North Lakes Now Magazine has had a little rebrand to Best Of Local Moreton Bay, to bring greater focus to our online activities for the entire Moreton Bay Region. We hope that you like it. This month we have some great local stories.

To subscribe and have the magazine delivered to your inbox once a month and for advertising enquiries, visit –

Use left and right arrows to flick through and double click the page to zoom.

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Newspapers Fold Or Suspend Print


A century of tradition fades as newspapers across the country halt printing or close their doors altogether due to a steep and sudden Coronavirus related downturn.


As we sit at home and consume more local news than ever, some newsrooms are being forced to close as advertising revenue dries up.

Many papers rely heavily on the real estate industry, with their large pull-out sections as well as pubs, clubs and hotels for regular weekly revenue.

With the current real estate open home and auction restrictions and widespread hospitality business closures, that bulk revenue stream has dried up and the traditional publishing industry, which was already struggling has been pushed to the brink.

Newsrooms are empty across the nation at a time when people are relying on having the news at their fingertips.

Several regional communities have been left shocked at the closure of their only print news publication. The Sunraysia Daily, Mildura’s only daily newspaper, which should be celebrating their centenary this year has announced its’ closure, along with the Swan Hill Guardian, the Gannawarra Times and the Loddon Times in the Mallee region of Victoria.

After 122 yrs in operation, Broken Hills’ only daily newspaper ‘Barrier Daily Truth’ has had to suspend operations due to a collapse in revenue. Thirty staff at the newspaper are now out of work.

Gippslands Yarram Standard, which is 145 years old and Great Southern Star, which was celebrating its 130th year in print have both suspended operations.

Newscorp has announced that it will suspend the print of 60 publications across the country from 9th April, including our Quest Community Newspapers which includes our local Pine Rivers Press, The Caboolture Herald and The Redcliffe Herald.


Other Newscorp publications to be suspended include those published by News Local in NSW, Leader in Victoria and Messenger in South Australia. All will continue to publish digitally during this time.

News Corp’s decision was not taken lightly. According to the company’s Australasia executive chairman Michael Miller, “The suspension of our community print editions has been forced on us by the rapid decline in advertising revenues following the restrictions placed on real estate auctions and home inspections and the forced closure of event venues and dine-in restaurants in the wake of the coronavirus emergency.”

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Assist The Elderly And Vulnerable – Redcliffe Region


We reaching out to both those who need assistance and those who would like to assist in the Redcliffe region.

We have a separate assistance call-out for the North Lakes region here.

We are calling upon local charities and community organisations in particular to co-ordinate assistance to the best of their capability in whatever form that may be, including home delivery to the many in our community who are elderly, immunocompromised or living with chronic illness, locals in self-isolation who still need to access to essentials to get by.

Unfortunately, many of these people are not on social media but still, a large enough number are that here we can reach out.

We are all very touched by images of our aged locals and pensioners doing their best to access essential groceries, personal care and medication they need just to get by, but we need to activate as a community to protect the vulnerable from this illness.

Woolworths are providing exclusive access to grocery aisles between the hours of 7am and 8am for those with a government-issued seniors, pensioner or disability card.

Many vulnerable locals are self-reliant and proudly so, however, a once in a century pandemic changes everything and we now call upon local charities, community organisations to raise their hand.

The situation we face is a short term one. Herd immunity and immunisation will eventually render this disease to the history books. In the meantime, the immediate challenge is to minimise the number infectious and vulnerable persons circulating in the community.

If you are a charity or organisation willing to assist those in need at this time, please comment below with your page. Individuals willing to help and vulnerable persons may also wish to comment to illicit direct replies.

Today’s Coronavirus (COVID19) statement from Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Channel Seven News – Tuesday 17th March 2020

ABC News – Thursday 19th March 2020

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