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Crystal Clear Solar is the best solar cleaning services in Brisbane suburbs and most of South East Queensland.

We take pride in our professional service and ability in providing the most effective services for our customers that can improve the efficiency of solar systems in our communities across Brisbane.


With the aid of our first-rate solar panel cleaning equipment and extensive experience we are confident our customers will love our solar panel cleaning services. Cleaning rooftop solar panels and ridding them of dirt, bird droppings, dust, lichen, grime, and other pollutants are our main focus with the hopes of increasing the efficiency of your solar panels.

We ensure the best service possible through regular employee education and training along side using quality equipment. We look forward to helping you preserve your solar panel investment.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Protect your investment and increase your solar panel efficiency  to it’s optimum and generate more electricity by 5-30% whilst saving money at the same time.
We use the finest quality solar cleaning equipment and products to prevent and reduce the risk of scratches or cracks.

Solar Hot Water Cleaning

The importance of solar hot water cleaning and maintenance is essential to the efficiency of your system and the quantity and reliability of hot water it produces.

One of the most common problems with hot water systems is Lichen growth, it covers the glass stopping the absorption of the sun. Lichen finds the surface on the solar hot water panels a perfect place to grow and flourish. No amount of rain or drought will kill this little pest! The only way to remove the lichen from your system is to manually remove it with an appropriate scraper. Once the bulk of the lichen is off, then a hard scrubbing with de-ionized water is required.

Bird Proofing

Solar Systems provide a perfect and safe place for birds to make a nest, unfortunately having nesting birds comes with many problems

– Bird droppings cause absorption inefficiency

– Droppings can gather in your gutters causing them to rust from the inside out

– Spread of disease

– Noise from morning cooing and scratching

Crystal Clear Solar is the only Bird Proofing installer that offers “CHOICE”!
Based on the budget and overall needs.

We offer UV Rated Plastic Mesh bird proofing, PVC Coated Wire Mesh bird proofing and Bird proofing spikes.

Thermal Imaging

As the temperature rises on solar panels they become less efficient. This means the solar panels are producing less electricity! Some of these heating defects can cause the solar cells to break down.  More serious heating issues can produce a reverse current, which can damage the entire solar system.  Thermal imaging is the solution to these problems.

Thermal imaging cameras are used by Crystal Clear Solar during our inspections.  They can detect hot spots in the panels from a distance, which makes it a lot easier to find defects before they become devastating breakdowns. This inspection method is non-destructive and non-invasive. You can use thermal imaging to inspect the solar panels under load, so no shutdown is required. When used correctly, thermal imaging cameras will show accurate temperature differences between cells. This allows you to identify faults in an early stage.

Thermal imaging can be used to inspect the entire system!  This can include solar panels themselves to connections, inverters, fuses and all other electrical components in the system.

Heat is created if any part of the systems starts to wear down or develops a higher resistance.  The corresponding increase in temperature can be detected very easily with a thermal imaging camera. This permits you to fix the problem before the system fails.

This service is also available as a standalone service for both residential and commercial customers. If you are not ready for a solar clean but are concerned that there may be an issue with your solar panels, Crystal Clear Solar and come and do only a Thermal Imaging health check on your solar system to let you know if there are and “hot spot” problems!

Our reports will include photos of both actual colour photos post Thermal Imaging views or your solar panels including spot temperature of multiple areas of the potentially damaged solar panel that can then be used as possible warranty information with your solar panel installer.

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Body corporate, Government, Industrial property with solar panels all need professional solar panel cleaning.

Commercial solar panel cleaning is always the last on leasers mind after taking over a property. Poorly maintained systems can lead to inefficiency. It is important to keep the solar system performance at its optimal and maintain peak energy efficiency. Increase energy generation by 5-30%, guaranteeing savings on your utility bills.

We have many years of experience in commercial solar panel cleaning business and leverage on our expertise to offer the best cleaning services. Our professional solar panel cleaners are always available and dedicated to providing high-quality services. We include inspections for cracks, scratches or aged and failing seals.

We use the finest quality solar cleaning equipment for cleaning to prevent and reduce the risk of scratches or cracks.

Call: (07) 3448 0007

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